Dmitriy Leonovich
general idea, artist, game designer
Working experience in gamedev is more than 8 years. Concept artist, illustrator. The ideological inspirer and creator of the game Star Souls. Adores games, especially in sci-fi setting, and everything that is connected with space and spaceships. Dmitriy works with an obsessive attention to detail and with a big passion. Feel free to visit his gallery:
Kirill Grushevich
lead Unity developer/programmer
Working experience in gamedev is more than 11 years. Certified Unity-developer, independent game developer, freelancer.
Karolina Leonovich
narrative writer, game designer
Experience more than 4 years. Scenarist of computer games, narrative designer. Responsible for creating the story-line of the Star Souls game and promo materials. Adores reading and good storytelling, and play games with a good plot.


Anton Orsher

composer/sound designer

A talented young composer who creates incredible atmospheric music for Star Souls. Link on portfolio.