POSTED // January 12,2018

What’s new?

After the DevGAMM Minsk 2017 basing on reviews of other developers, we have planned many improvements in the Star Souls game. For December 2017 we managed to realize a lot:

1. The artificial intelligence of enemies was significantly improved. Now enemies’ ships avoid asteroids flying in it. Its behavior also complicates. If the hull of the ship is significantly damaged, then the enemy can begin to hide from the attacks of the player. Now you cannot stand still) The game has become more complicated and interesting.

2. New objects appeared on the playing field: bombs and exploding asteroids. It is a real danger to the player's fleet, but it also can be used to win: it's enough to blow them up nearby to the enemy's ship.


3. Now the player can escape from the battlefield thanks to the Jump Drive. The Jump Drive is charging little by little, if you have fuel and there is energy in the engine. The more energy in the engine, the faster the Jump Drive is charged. When the Jump Drive is fully charged, you can make an emergency jump and leave the battlefield for 1 fuel.


4. New features are implemented in the quest engine. Some situations now have unpredictable results. The game is looks like a classic roguelike. In some quests with the correct behavior of the player you can avoid conflicts, you can get into trouble, and your ships will be damaged, or vice versa, repaired at friendly points.


Friends, you have a great opportunity to listen to the compilation of the Star Souls soundtrack for the authorship of the composer Anton Orsher. Watch the video at the end of the post.

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