POSTED // February 06,2019

Happy bithday (v2.0) Star Souls!

Happy bithday Star Souls!

So it took 2 years as Star Souls is in development. Recently, we didn’t paid much attention to promotion and almost did not talk about what is happening with the game and the team, and there were good reasons for this. It doesn’t mean that the release of Star Souls doesn’t remain the goal number 1 for us!!!)))


Unfortunately, development has slowed down. We didn’t reach our goal of crowdfunding, so we had to find full time job, and we’ve been developing Star Souls in the evenings and weekends. This year a lot of visible and invisible work has been done: from debugging AI to filling the game map with events.

A visual style of the game was changed: in particular the interface and text events. Many visual effects of shots, explosions were created, as well as new static objects. Our composer wrote additional explore and combat tracks, effects of the battle.


We have tried to connect more closely text events with the action on the battlefield. It required a lot of “manual labor”, and of course, it was a big step away from roguelike-like. On the other hand, it is good for the narrative part of the game and storytelling.

Now we are faced with the task of finishing the most notorious 1% of the game, which is the most difficult. We want create the game as bright as possible and work a lot on it.

The page of the game in Steam will be ready soon, so wait for the news))