POSTED // November 21,2017

About DevGAMM Minsk 2017

To say that the impression of the conference is good, it's a bit of a lie, because it is just awesome! The only back side is that time flew completely unnoticed, and after the conference the everyday life seems so grey.


About showcases

This time we showcased in pair. And we really enjoyed it: you could change each other not only to drink coffee, but also to bite off a little from the general holiday: play games, participate in entertainment, visit reports.

About showcases

What we liked:

- VR games. It was cool to feel like Neo in the matrix.
- Indie games "not like everyone else." Actually, that why people loves indie games.
- Quest. We did not win anything, it was such a drive))
- Communication with living people, like-minded people and colleagues.

What we liked

What did we take from:

Many of won souvenirs and booklets! Magnets and stickers! (Joke))
After the exhibition, based on feedback and wishes, we decided to improve many elements of the Star Souls. Make more visually intelligible control of the ships and add more hotkeys to the main commands.
We will improve the AI and add different tactics of behavior for different enemies and combat situations.
This means that we have a lot of work ahead of us))

What did we take from