Star Souls is a single-player roguelike-like tactical sci-fi game. Star Souls will target the PC/Mac/Linux first with other platforms later on (Nintendo Switch, iPad, etc.).

The player controls several fleet spaceships. The task is to overcome the route from several randomly generated sectors of the galaxy with many star systems. The player is invited to explore unknown worlds, engage in battles with other spaceships, perform tasks and improve the fleet. Death in the game is irreversible, you cannot return the destroyed ships.

Star Souls is designed as a tactical game. It’s mainly about fighting with the enemy’s spaceships. Battles occur in real time with a tactical pause while the player should redistribute energy between the on-board systems and watch the serviceability of the fleet spaceships. The playing area in Star Souls is fully open and divided into squares where the player can move their ships. Playing area is ultimately packed with events. In order not to die within the first few minutes the player has to react to dangers: avoid meteorites and hazardous fields, hide in nebulae, make way through trash etc.


Star Souls includes roguelike elements at all sublevels: sector map is generated randomly, lots of miniquests and battles occur merely by chance plus the player can play for any of several races with totally different spaceships. The outcome of quests is ambiguous and can lead to various consequences.

The game offers 30+ spaceships of playing races, many non-playing enemy ships, over 30 kinds of weapons and naturally the player will want to try them all. The player can own no more than 3 ships at a time and install a maximum of 4 cannons. He/she can customize and upgrade their spaceships as well as install various modules on them which will protect them from certain types of damage. However, the player will never customize them enough to feel safe. Spaceships often die on the battle field, they are expensive to buy and difficult to earn. One way or another, the player will have to level some features of the spaceships (speed, deviation, life score) by choosing certain kinds of weapons, modules and distinctive style on the battle field.


Galaxy Map

The action takes place in the distant future in a galaxy so old that for some inexplicable reason the stellar matter in it began to disintegrate.

The galaxy is inhabited by three highly developed civilizations using a kind of "superfuel" to move among the stars. Due to the so-called paradox of Hirschstern none of the spaceships using the superfuel ever managed to escape from the galaxy. In the beginning it encouraged the scientists to search for alternative ways of moving in space but as time went by it deprived all intelligent beings of the hope of salvation beyond the galaxy.


Snake-like Verdans, insect-like children of the Hive and upright walking members of the Unity – they were all trapped and filled with horror as they watched the stars die one by one destroying the exquisite multiculture that had been developing for millennia.

Since the galactic catastrophe was accompanied by a number of unexplained phenomena, intelligent races suddenly turned to religious teachings that seemed to have lost their meaning. Here and there the inhabitants started to riot against the centralized government that was unable to cope with what was happening. Pirates, looters and bandits became part of reality which was getting increasingly dreadful day by day. Whole planets were overtaken by hysteria and madness.


Nobody knows who spread the rumor about the Transition – a loophole allowing to escape from the dying galaxy bypassing the paradox of Hirschstern. Driven by last hope, the governments funded the initiative to search for the Transition. Thousands of scientific and reconnaissance drones as well as hundreds of scout and military ships were sent into space.

They tried to find a way to save the entire galaxy. Many had disappeared, many returned unsuccessful. Extreme despair and lack of actual results exacerbated old conflicts leading Verdan, the Unity and the Hive to war and further complicating the efforts to find the Transition.


You are the captain of the last spaceship sent with the mission to find the Transition. The resources provided to you are extremely scarce and certainly not enough for the challenging task you are to fulfill. Let's be honest, your chances for success are very low but nothing is impossible.